The idea

Digicust specialises in the development of a virtual customs robot and the digitization of customs processing along the value chain for freight forwarders. The startup's aim is to revolutionise and gradually automate customs tasks by focusing on individual features:

·        supported/automated examination of customs documents

·        supported/automated filling of customs documents

·        automated submission of customs declarations to customs offices

·        automated forwarding of customs documents to parties involved in customs processing

These functions lead to tremendous efficiency increases while improving the quality of customs clearance. Ultimately, the virtual customs robots will provide the fundamental basis for the internet of customs optimising fraud detection in foreign trade and decreasing paper waste and fuel consumption.

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Armed with his idea, Boris joined the CPI program at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems as an individual applicant a few years ago. He subsequently met future co-founder Matthias on the program. Digicust now has several employees located in different countries.

(©Foto: Digicust)

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