APOCRAT was brought to life by its founders Alex, Laura and Armin with the aim of giving back individual users sovereignty over their data.

APOCRAT is the first consent management platform that specializes exclusively in connected devices such as digital household appliances or wearables. The focus is on the individual user, which is why the company emphasizes a transparent, clear and intuitive design when obtaining consent.

(©Foto: Frederic Zimmel)

Road to success

APOCRAT's (still Halberd at the time) road to success began at the CERN BIC Screening Week organised by accent. The team was then accepted into the CPI, which paved the way to the launch of their company. After the program, APOCRAT was accepted into the accent incubator.

The team officially became entrepreneurs when the company was founded in 2021. Several employees now work at APOCRAT, which has achieved numerous grants.

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